The ‘Encounter with God’ is a two day meeting that helps people experience wholeness and freedom as they encounter the power of God in their lives. It establishes a Godly foundation for a fruitful and victorious life.

The teachings are also applicable for those who want to have a deeper understanding of God’s heart. You can find answers to some of the questions people generally ask about God. We have seen God transform the lives of many people who have attended these meetings. These meetings cater to people from all denominations across different geographic locations.

You could also avail the opportunity of receiving personal ministry at the end of the meeting.

Confidentiality – Our highest value as a church is maintained with the ministry team person who ministers to you.


  • Foundation of faith
  • Acceptance
  • Rejection
  • Blessing and Curses
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Principles of Forgiveness
  • Causes of Inner damage
  • Immersed in the Spirit

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