I started drinking at the age of 12 years. I was involved in many robberies and would search for every     opportunity for the same. I was very disobedient would never listen to anyone at home. Most ironically I managed to rob Cows and buffaloes which I used to sell. I even managed to go to Kuwait where I continued to do the same, Rob and cheat. Most of my salary in Goa would be spent on my many girlfriends.

The same continued in Kuwait. When I got married I started beating my wife even when she was pregnant. I even sold my wedding ring for my addiction for alcohol.
But my wife never left me and was always with me. I used to fight regularly at home and there was no peace. My wife was a firm believer in Jesus and was born again and would fellowship in River of Life Church. Being curious I attended a prayer cell my wife was a part of. I took a liking to the people there.
Than I did my Foundation Course. During this time I gave my life to Christ and decided never to touch liquor or cigarettes or gutka. From then I left all my bad habits. With the grace of God my life changed. I never touched alcohol, cigarettes, and thoughts of girls left me. Filthy Abusive talk went out from me. I took one step and Jesus helped me take the rest.
When my wife’s delivery was there we had Rs500/- only. We would wonder how we would go there as it was expensive. But God Sufficiently provided Rs3000/- through a friend at the right time just as Doctor came with the prescription for medicines.
My life Jesus has transformed and I give Him all glory for that.