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Stepping Out

Matthew 14:25-33 tells us about Jesus walking on the water to the boat filled with the disciples in the middle of the sea. At Jesus’s call, Peter walks on the water towards Him. The challenge to walk on the water is to first step out of your boat. “Become comfortable in not being comfortable”. “Walking on water” means doing things with God that we could never have done on our own!

There are aspects to this incident that are very important in our Christian walk. It involves:

  1. The knowledge to discern where Jesus is – to recognize the presence of God. This is not required in the New Testament era as God dwells in us
  2. The courage to step out of the ‘boat’ (our comfort zone), just like Peter did when Jesus called him. When the Lord calls us, we must take up the challenge in obedience.
  3. The excitement of walking on water. If you stay in the boat, you miss the excitement of getting into the water. It may not be the safest place. The safest place is where Jesus has called you to be.
  4. The fearof panic and sinking. “I do not want to operate in the spiritual gifts – what if I am wrong? Do it in the fear of the Lord!
  5. The sense of relief knowing that Jesus will take care of us – there is a strong hand that can hold us from drowning
  6. ability to face criticism and failures, just like Peter did. This can happen when we take up challenges, knowing that God is with us, and we can do all things in the power of God.
  7. The wonder of adoration of Jesus that came over all who were in the boat.

Jesus is still looking for those who get out of the boat and follow Him.Are we going to obey the voice of God or continue to be in the comfort zone?

Why did Jesus walk on the water? It’s a pattern with those who experienced the presence of God in this manner because of the calling on their lives. It is sort of God trying to get their attention before they are called for some spectacular work to be done in faith – the burning bush for Moses, fire coming down in the case of Elijah, walking on water for Peter.

There are a few lessons we need to learn from this narrative:

  1. Learn to recognize the presence of God – needs ‘eyes of faith’. Don’t miss out on God’s move considering that the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Spend time with God daily. People who practice the presence of God have such satisfying lives that they want the experience to go onto the next generation
  2. It’s not a challenge to do something foolish but, to walk in obedience – to take steps of faith. “If God has called me, I going to do it” Discern between faith and foolishness.
  3. You have got to get out of the boat. It is your decision to get out The ‘boat’ could be your business or ministry or maybe, just your next door neighbor
  4. Expect problems and learn to face failures and difficulties. These things should never stop us from getting there
  5. Continue to wait on God – to receive power to ‘walk on water’. Listen to the voice of God and obey. “I can’t do it on my own, I need you”. Our biggest strength can be our biggest weakness. “I will do everything to honour You, Lord”

If Jesus is calling you, will you step out of your boat?                          

This message was preached by Wellinton Gomes on 19th March 2017

Wellington Gomes
Wellington GomesLElder & Pastor
River Of Life Church, Goa