Hearing God and making disciples(SWIM)

Saving the lost. Worship God. Impact community. Making disciples.

  1. We are not individuals in a church, we are one – a family.  So, what one does affects the church. We are to edify one another. Each of has to do his part in the church.We have the potential to impact the world.We are all like fish in the river…….and fish are meant to SWIM.

    The Vision of the River of Life Church is to SWIM

    Save the Lost

    Worship God

    Impact the Community

    Make Disciples

    If we say that we have the heart of God, then we have to impact the world by sharing the Good News. To have a heart for the people, we need to know the heart of God.

    The secret of men of God is prayer. We talk He listens; He talks we listen. Didn’t Jesus spend time with God? Jesus never did anything that He asks us to do that He didn’t do Himself. If we are connected to Jesus, we can reach out to the lost. Now is the time to go out into the world and as we undertake this journey, He guides and teaches us.

    The time is ripe for harvest….as the Bible says….

    (Mathew 9:37 Then He said to His disciples, The harvest truly isplentiful, but the laborers are few)

    Hearing God is the first priority. Discipline is required. Take that one step towards God. It is not only the job of evangelist or the pastor to reach out to the lost but, of every one. Though the earth is the Lord’s, He is looking out for priests to establish His kingdom here.

    Two things are of importance– the great commandment and the great commission. Jesus says “Love one another as I have loved you”. “Go then, and make disciples of all nations”.

    We hear three voices– voice of God, voice of the enemy and the voice of our flesh. Discern the voice and obey the voice of God.

    The church loves you because Jesus loved you first. It is not one-sided love. Remember you have a responsibility to the church – everyone working together; not an “I”movement but a “we” movement.

    Success is always “uphill” and we should not let our ‘downhill habits’ get in the way of our going uphill. No one drifts uphill, we need to discipline ourselves.it is time to move out and proclaim the Good News and make ‘Disciples of Men’.

This message was shared by Shawn Joao  on  16th October 2016

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